From a single 223 mm print head to 2.5m in mono or full colour.

SimplyInkjet industry leading technology at the core of the integration. We combine engineering and application expertise with leading technology providers delivering the most modular and flexible component based digital integration.
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who are we?
We are a company specialised in the design, production and marketing of technologically advanced industrial digital inkjet printers, aiming to provide a complete, cutting edge solution to our customers.
From packaging to awareness spreading personalized mailers and many more, you can give your customers the printing solutions they need to stand out.
We design innovative printing systems for market segments such as mailing and addressing, packaging, and commercial printing.
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The key features of
Simply inkjet's Technology
The smallest droplet means SimplyInkjet print at a higher quality that any other production inkjet system. Comparing the physical result eliminates misrepresentations or confusion that arrises with misstated DPI claims.


Enabling the rapid, cost-effective development of next-generation solutions for high-volume print markets.
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  • 16,000 dpi
  • 70,400 Nozzles
  • 5x Nozzle Redundancy
  • 203m/min Speed


Easy to install, integrate, operate, and maintain, DuraBolt is at the cutting edge of print
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  • 16,000 dpi
  • 163,840 Nozzles
  • 4x Nozzle Redundancy
  • 137m/min Speed


Create a new breed of economical, high-performance solutions for a wide range of markets.
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  • 16,000 dpi
  • 163,840 Nozzles
  • 2x Nozzle Redundancy
  • 46m/min Speed
No matter your size or goal, SimplyInkjet’s printing technology enables you to create your ideal printing solution. Amaze your customers. Find the technology platform that works for you.

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