Sudden emergencies and last-minute changes to the print file are no longer a problem. The absence of a print plate and the rapid adjustment means you can be extremely flexible and therefore capable of responding effectively, even to unforeseen or extremely urgent requests.
Stand out and make your customer service unique!
Wood Boxes
Paper Bags
Wine Packaging
Industrial Packaging
Food Packaging
FLEX is the new system specially developed to offer maximum performance for high-volume packaging printing. State of the art printing technology combines outstanding print quality with the highest levels of productivity, all at low operating costs and the best operator experience
46m/min Speed
Can be configured to achieve speeds up to 46 mpm. This brings the best combination of speed, quality and cost to industrial applications.We are allowing integration with high speed print and finishing operations.
Memjet Printhead 0 stitches - 324.4 mm (12.77 in) width
1,600 DPI
2.1 Picoliter Droplet. The smallest droplet means FLEX canprint at a higher quality that any other production inkjet system. Comparing the physical result eliminates misrepresentations or confusion that arrises with misstated DPI claims.
Only 1 print head needed
Each FLEX head holds 4 colours meaning to achieve a 4 colour press only 1 printhead is required. Ready to deploy. This advanced technology integrates into existing infrastructure, reducing development time and costs. With outstanding print quality, FLEX offers a powerful value proposition.
2x Nozzle Redundancy
With 163,840 nozzles in a single print head and with 2 nozzles allocated per pixel, means if there is a jet out,  there is no visible defect on the print image. Saves time, reduces downtime and improves quality.

Automated Maintenance

Easy to install, integrate, operate, and maintain, FLEX is at the cutting edge of printtechnology.

Technical details
In recent years, the small-format packaging market has seen consolidation of already known trends and new context related developments. Now customers increasingly demand small orders, ultra- fast delivery and customisation of their own packaging. Added to this is the increasing complexity related to the availability of materials, which affects procurement times.

For this reason, FLEX printers can play a key role in increasing your competitiveness. On the one hand you can finally offer customisation even on small orders, while on the other you can serve your customers with extremely short delivery times thanks to the availability of direct printing on neutral finished products in stock.
Flex Inks
In co-development for over five years, Simplyinkjet and a leading pigment dispersion manufacturer have developed Flex aqueous pigment inks for excellent ink-on-media performance with Flex printheads in high-speed inkjet presses.
Water Based
Simplyinkjet’s water-based inks are free from toxic and reactive chemistries, making them safer for the earth and human health.
At each stage of development, inks are tested for regulatory compliance, stability, and performance.
System Control
Simplyinkjet’s inkjet system is inherently intolerant of change, impurities and variability; ensuring lifecycle consistency.
Pure Ingredients
The careful selection of highly pure raw materials ensures that there are no unknown impurities.
Inks are intentionally designed to enable safe use in food packaging, optimized for best print performance.

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